List of conference presentations or posters

SSA 2016 (Seismological Society of America)
  • (Poster) J. Shi & D. Asimaki. "A Vs30-dependent velocity model for high-frequency simulated ground motions in the Los Angeles Basin"
AGU 2015 (American Geophysical Union)
  • (Presentation) D. Asimaki & J. Shi. "From stiffness to strength in site response predictions: formulation and validation of a hybrid hyperbolic nonlinear soil model"
  • (Poster) J. Shi, M. D. Kohler, J-P. Ampuero, J. Sutton "Large-amplitude, scattered tsunami wave mapping enabled by ocean bottom seismometer array recordings." [poster]
SSA 2015 (Seismological Society of America)
  • (Presentation) D. Asimaki & J. Shi. "From Stiffness to Strength in Ground Deformation Forecasting"
  • (Poster) M. D. Kohler, J-P. Ampuero, D. Bowden, J. Shi, J. Sutton "Time-dependent Geo-targeted Alerts and Warning Enabled by Dense Observations of the 2011 Tohoku Tsunami."
AGU 2014 (American Geophysical Union)
  • (Presentation) D. Asimaki & J. Shi. "Nonlinear site response prediction: stiffness or strength?"
SCEC 2014 (Southern California Earthquake Center)
  • (Poster) D. Asimaki & J. Shi. "Site response validation studies using KIK-net strong motion recordings"
SSA 2014
  • (Presentation) D. Asimaki, J. Shi & R. Taborda. "Site-Specific Response in Validation Studies of Physics-based Earthquake Simulations." [slides]
  • (Presentation) J. Shi & D. Asimaki. Validating nonlinear site response prediction methodologies for SCEC Broadband Ground Motion Simulations. [slides]
SCEC 2013
  • (Poster) D. Asimaki, J. Shi & R. Taborda. "Nonlinear site response: Validation exercises on site-specific and regional scales"
SSA 2013
  • (Presentation) D. Asimaki, J. Shi & A. Yong. "Simulations and Integration of Nonlinear Site Effects in Ground Motion Predictions for Southern California."
SCEC 2012
  • (Poster) D. Asimaki, J. Shi, S. Jeong & A Yang. Nonlinear site amplification factors at SC stations for broadband ground motion simulations. [poster]